The Reviews are In: It’s a Hit!


Everyone loves Così fan tutte!

In case you’ve missed some of our reviews, we’ve made a list:

We’ve also had loads of people tweeting us (@popupoperauk), which we love to see! With reviews like this, it’s a good thing that we are running this production into the autumn!


Always looking for the next venue


Here at Pop-Up Opera, we’re always looking for new exciting venues to take our performances to. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to tour the Cliveden House as a possible performance space for Così fan tutte in the autumn, and we would love to show you some of the beautiful grounds that we got to see!

So what is the Cliveden House? Located in Taplow, it is an estate originally built in the 17th century and it is the epitome of posh countryside living (perfect for this production!). It has been the home of Dukes and Princes, and was even owned by the Astors family for quite some time. It has operated as a hospital during the first world war, a place of learning, and is today open as a hotel and spa. The estate is the site of many historical events as well, including the beginning of the Profumo affair (we had a tour of the pool grounds where it all began, quite scandalous!).

As part of our meeting with the events manager, we were given a tour of the house, which was absolutely stunning. Afterwards we took the time to tour the grounds, which are maintained by the National Trust. We highly recommend anyone taking the time just to walk around the gardens, we were lucky enough to have a nice sunny day and everyone was so peaceful and beautiful. Just touring the house and grounds made us excited to be using the Cliveden House as a potential venue, so we really hope to bring our production here soon!


Life as the Intern



My name is Tim, I’m the summer intern for Pop-Up Opera, helping with office work and this summer’s production of Così fan tutte! I thought I would tell you a little bit about my time here, since you’ll probably be seeing traces of my work here and there if you see our shows or keep updated with our social media or websites.

I’m currently living in London for the summer as part of a study abroad program; for a little over six weeks, I am taking classes and engaging in the opportunity to intern with a local organization. I’m originally from Pennsylvania in the United States, where one of the degrees I am pursuing is in theatre, which is probably why I ended up getting paired with Pop-up Opera in the first place! It has been an absolutely incredible experience and I know I’ll be sad to leave when the time comes in July.

So what do I do for Pop-Up Opera? Well, when I first arrived everyone was in the midst of rehearsals for Così fan tutte. When I would come to rehearsals, my major focus was to become acquainted with the show and all of its pieces (there are A LOT of props) so that I would be able to help with setting up and packing everything away once the show started traveling. I also did a lot of other random helpful tasks, such as copying sheet music and shopping for new props. Now that the show is on the road, my time is divided between helping with the shows that are being performed in London itself and office work. While in the office, a lot of my time has been spent in researching future venues, coming up with publicity ideas for venues that need more ticket sales, and maintaining social media (like this blog!). It is a little sad that I won’t be able to see which venues I found end up working out this fall and for future shows, but I will definitely stay in touch with everyone to see how things are going!

Well, I’m going to cut this entry short to make sure it hasn’t gone on for too long, but be sure to keep checking this blog for frequent posts and other updates that we know our fans are sure to enjoy. And if you haven’t seen Così fan tutte yet, YOU SHOULD. It is a fantastic production and quite hilarious in fact. You will definitely enjoy yourself.

-Tim (the intern)




Welcome to the new Pop-Up Opera blog! We’ll be using this blog to update our audience members on what’s going on with our company and shows as well as posting articles and other things that are sure to interest all of our opera fans! We will be trying to keep this blog updated regularly, so be sure to keep checking to see what’s new for Pop-Up Opera!